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My Adventurer Handbook

Below is a "handbook" that I noted during my days of CBT3 and OBT. There are several detailed guides out there, but if you prefer a TLDR version, click the below one and read on~

Tier Lists

One thing I must say first and foremost - there are current no tier lists detailed enough to put characters into a correct order/tier. Mostly it's because of the lack of information (user experience, character progress, and numbers). So do not take tier lists personal, play the characters you like. And Free is Free!

However, I managed to put on a super factual Tier List that you can check here .
Lemme know if you can figure out the aspect being measured, and I'll show you in detail how I did the measurement ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In the same spreadsheet, there are other sheets that you might want to check out.

Cusory about Tier Lists

I use Points system instead of Letter system to determine a character's capabilities. With this I believe it would allow easier modification and addition in the future, while still being clear enough to figure out where a character stands (tier).

This method needs heavy testing as well as tools to measure (for example I use OBS to record and analyze the videos using Adobe Premiere to figure out a skill's duration) so don't expect it to become available any time soon.

Interested in my way of making this tier list while having information to contribute? Please don't hesitate to slide in my Discord server and contact me right away! I believe it will be helpful and is gonna give the finalization of this tier list a good boost!