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Beginner-friendly Party Setup

This tool provides basic information about elements in an interactive way: Select characters you already have and it'll dish out all possible knowledge about Elements, Reactions, and Resonances.

Character Datas and Guides

All characters in Genshin Impact and their data can be found here. There's also a team dedicated in making guides for this section, so stay tuned!

Create your own Character Guides! (WIP)

Create your own character guides and share it with others using the latest set of ingame data!

In-depth cheatsheet for elements

Getting to know more about how elements work in Genshin Impact will surely give you an advantage in terms of building characters, and optimizing damage.
There are a lot more to write in this cheatsheet, but due to time constraint I'll update this in the future.

Artifact RNG Simulator

Simulate the salt of Genshin Impact's artifact farming in domains with a few clicks. May RNGesus be with you.

Artifact Analytics

Give this tool an image of your artifact, it'll show you how many rolls into which substat it got, including roll tiers.
p/s: More to come

Genshin Simulator

This tool aims to simulate 3 major game aspects: Characters, Weapons, and Artifacts. You can equip weapons and artifacts on a character, edit the character's Levels, Talents, Constellations... to see how strong the character gets with each action you make.
This is a WIP, and under heavy development rn, so expect it to complete in a few weeks.

Welcome ヾ(≧▽≦*)

Hello, I'm PonPon - creator of this fanpage for Genshin Impact. In here you can find tools to aid you during your exploration in Teyvat continent.

These tools are provided free of charge. A dish of freshly smoked spicy Paimon is well appreciated~!

More tools will come around before you know it.

Godspeed (≧ ▽ ≦)ゝ
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