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Hello, I'm PonPon - creator of this fanpage for Genshin Impact. In here you can find tools to aid you during your exploration in Teyvat continent.

These tools are provided free of charge. A dish of freshly smoked spicy Paimon is well appreciated~!

More tools will come around before you know it.

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Website Update

Artifact RNG Simulator (2020/12/7)

Character gacha is bad? Think again, Artifact "gacha" could have a worse RNG rate than character gacha (well, it's free and all, but resin gated).
You can have a simulated taste here in Artifact RNG Simulator. Right now, it's possible to "farm" artifacts within domains. World bosses will be added later. You can also enhance an artifact by going to your inventory to see how the stat RNG could take you to... with a shovel of salt.

Elemental Reaction Cheatsheet (2020/10/30)

I created an Elements cheatsheet to make elemental reactions and the gang less homework-like... or not. Suitable for those who want to dive deep into Genshin Impact's mechanics around elements.

World Quest List + Talents Breakdown updated (2020/10/17)

Character Talents Breakdown now has information for Keqing, Mona, Qiqi, and Sucrose.
A complete list of World Quests including hidden quests can be found there. There are tools for you to search, sort, filter quests also.
Oh and I also created a Youtube channel for guides about Genshin Impact , including some of these quests.

Beginner Guides and my WIPs (2020/9/20)

A kinda TLDR guide can be found here. There are also tier lists in the aforementioned link. Some are done, while there are still WIP things- a lot of WIP things :MonaWellingUp:

Migrated to (2020/9/20)

Now easy to remember than ever!
I also created a Discord to act as an all-in-one place for latest news, from several places like Genshin Website, Genshin Twitter, and Japan Genshin Twitter.
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Character Talents Breakdown (2020/9/9)

Character Talents Breakdown will give you a breakdown based on Active Talents and their bonuses when a character reaches a certain Ascension Phase or Constellation Level.
This tool aims at analyzing and checking for a character's potential. However, it's still so primitive and lack of functionalities. I'll improve it in the near future.

Party Setup Tool (2020/9/1)

Now you can head to Party Setup and start making your own Party. It would give you some detailed information of Element-related stuff like the Elements themselves, Element Resonance, and Element Reactions. Perhaps this can help you understand more about the Element system of Genshin Impact, and... who to spend your precious primogems on ( •̀ ω •́ )✧