About Me

I take my online name as PonPon since I became a novice gamer. Now after more than a decade playing games, I should grant myself a new title... Not-so-novice might work...

I've been creating guides for games like MapleStory and Honkai Impact 3rd. After being fascinated by Genshin Impact - same publisher as HI3rd, I decided to take another step in helping yet another game community grow in a positive way.

Some of my works

A channel for Genshin Impact guides

I started a YouTube channel to upload guides for Genshin quests, and possibly more later!
Off to PonPon YouTube

Music goes wee wee

Aan Melodies on Kalimba

I take music as another hobby. Not only listening, but I also make covers for songs and soundtracks of my favorite anime/games. For instance, the music you're hearing on this site is one of my covers for Genshin Impact. Check it out on YouTube .

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Developer life

Developer life

I like to make Discord bots and websites. As you can see here, this website is developed with Nuxtjs + DRF as API serving, and everything is on a random VPS, because shared hosting succs on Discord.

With this API being made available, I could possibly make a Discord bot that does stuff like this website, and more!